Our mission :

To give a second life to the catamarans that are deteriorating in the harbors by awakening again the desire to sail with a more modern equipment bringing pleasure and new nautical adventures.

Who are we?

Forward Sailing is a Swiss based company born in 2007 and specialized in innovative equipment for catamarans and dinghies.

We are professional sailors, engineers, designers, navigators... We have a passion for water sports, we train and race whenever possible to test our new equipment. Innovation is our DNA, we want to provide the best accessories for fast catamarans and dinghies, protecting them and allowing their users to exploit the full potential of their boat.

We have the support of great athletes. Like Billy Besson who protected his Nacra17 with Forward Sailing sails at the 2016 Olympics. Great adventurers like Yvan Bourgnon use our sails to achieve their exploits such as a single-handed round-the-world race in a sport catamaran.

Sustainable Development:

Recycling polyester hulls, mast and aluminum beams is very complicated. A true sustainable approach is to change only the wearing parts like sails. Allowing old boats to continue to sail and provide enjoyment. So, no need to buy a whole boat, just the sails and some accessories.

Old sails are reconditioned into luggage and practical products.

By participating in 1% for the planet, Forward Sailing commits to donate 1% of its annual turnover to approved associations for climate protection.

Each year, we audit our suppliers to ensure that they are in line with our values.

Product Design :

Why a bull in our sails?

In reference to the square shape of our sails at the top, called horn, which offers better performance to the sails.

The horn allows us to catch more wind, to go upwind with the cunningham to stabilize the list and to push the boat more downwind thanks to more surface.

A 3D Swiss modeled horn sail with Head Twist Control and a bi-radial cut. High performance and resistant fabrics with adjustable batten tensioner.

An inexpensive, high performance sail to go fast on the water. No need to buy a new boat. 

An anti-UV cover that provides for the evacuation of water. 15 years of research on an innovative fabric 

A flexible, durable and lightweight awning that is easy to install/remove.

A UV resistant trampoline made of Mesh Challeng Cloth. With waterproof part and practical pockets.

A UV resistant trampoline made of Challeng Mesh fabric. With a waterproof part and practical pockets. Protection suitable for all sport catamarans. Can be folded. Very resistant. Some sides are thicker.

Rudder/daggerboard covers from 1,3m to 1,8m adapted for several models. Compartmented in 2 parts.

Padded rudder/daggerboard covers to keep your appendages in good condition.

A sail bag with an expandable zip from 2.2m to 2.6m. Practical pockets and innovative wet zone.

A large and durable sail bag to protect your sail. With storage for equipment and the horn batten.

Protective bowsers suitable for all sport catamarans. Can be folded. Very resistant. Some sides thicker.

Easy to put on any catamaran and folds up for storage. Designed to lay the catamaran on its side without moving the cradle.


Why Forward Sailing products have an unbeatable price? :

We know that the value of your catamaran is often lower than the price of new sails purchased in traditional shops. We have therefore decided to allow owners of old boats to renew their sails and accessories for more sailing pleasure at a lower cost. To do this, we launch large quantities of sails at each production to offer them directly on the internet. You benefit from factory prices with the same quality as many more expensive products.

Who develops Forward Sailing products?

As trained engineers with extensive sailing experience, we develop our sails and accessories. This includes computer drawings, numerous prototypes, tests and feedback from our staff. Our products are constantly evolving thanks to your feedback.

I can't find my boat in the Forward Sailing?

We don't do unit development but always work on highly distributed models that allow us to buy a certain number of parts to guarantee a competitive price. If we receive many requests for the same model, we can launch a production. Thank you for making a request in the ''contact'' area of the site.

Who manufactures Forward Sailing products?

We work with reputable factories located in Europe and Asia, subcontractors for many years for well-known brands. We visit these factories regularly to control quality and working conditions.

Are Forward Sailing products guaranteed?

Each product is guaranteed for 2 years against any manufacturing defect. The warranty takes effect upon delivery. The guarantee is always "parts and labor", therefore excluding transport costs.

Special offer for sailing professionals:

Since 2012, Forward Sailing provides sails for the French Sailing Federation (FFV) clubs who appreciate the quality and durability. We also offer preferential rates for clubs and sailing instructors. Contact us with your activity.