Go fast on Water

Test & Opinions, Impact Vest, Kompact Vest and Neo Long John MK2

Check out the incredible performance of the 49er FX crew with Maria Sol Branz and Cecilia Carranza from Team WIP in this thrilling action video directed by Matis Capizzano.

Check out this great clip from Liam and Bjorn @DunkerbecksWorld from January 15 -16 in Gran Canaria at Dunkerbeck Windsurfing in Águila playa 🏝😎.

Foil everywhere with the Horue Libel biplane! 🗻🏄‍♂️

Daring Melbourne dad records extraordinary first by crossing Bass Strait with a fin 7NEWS

A run on the LSC Chanel with our top WIP Team athlete, Bjorn Dunkerbeck.

Best of the 2022 Nacra15 European Championship

Find your kit to learn the Wing easily

The 3 crews of the French FFVoile team are preparing their quest for medals for Paris 2024. Forward WIP is proud to support them by allowing them to sail protected on these super unstable Nacra17 foils.

Ventillo 20 Main Sail test on Lake Geneva

Yvan Bourgnon is preparing his departure from Nome! Bimedia Challenge - NorthWest Passage

24h World Record Catamaran. 400miles with Forward Sailing sails

24h World Record Catamaran Teaser

Mediterranean Record Catamaran with Forward Sailing sails

Security for the Mediterranean Record

Come alive Open Bic regatta 2017! Lucky young racers 

Loïck Peyron, back to his roots, with Happy on the Route du Rhum

Nice action shot from Kanoa and Pearl surfing Hawaiian waves with their Open Bic

Stunt S9 foiling catamaran with Forward Sailing

F18 with Forward Sailing

Around the world in a sport catamaran with Forward Sailing

Hydros Little Cup the final

First sailing test with 4 foils

Water Impact protection with Forward Sailing

Hobit Cat Tiger with Forward Sailing

Film Atlantis SMA Challenge first sea trip 2013

Crossing the English Channel in a F18 catamaran with Yvan Bourgnon and Karine Baillet.

French Youth Team - Forward Sailing - Technical Partner 2013

Flying Phantom by the Groupama Sailing Team design office

Eurocat 2013

Record of the Tour of Corsica in catamaran with Yvan Bourgnon and Joris Cocaud April 2013

Video summary of the Terresens Cape Horn Challenge 2012

Teaser of the preparation of the Cape Horn Challenge in Ushuaïa

MR CNF 2012 trailer

Dart Sailing / Forward Sailing sails

Terresens Challenge

Linxea Challenge with Yvan Bourgnon and Thibaut Vauchel-Camus.

Forward Sailing Ambassador 2012

Forward Sailing 2010

Raid des corsaires 2009 - catamaran

Raid 500 Miles X-Trem 2005

Nissan Hobie Cat Pro Team on the Canal des Saintes 2005

Free Sailing La Torche 2005


Yvan Bourgnon prépare son départ de Nome 11 07 2017 - Défi Bimédia - NorthWest Passage

Billy is Back by Forward Wip

Extreme kitefoiling | HORUE & Forward Wip

Best of The Foiling Week™ | Hydrofoil Sailboat

La Semaine Affoilante 2017 - Saint-Pierre-Quiberon | TEASER 

Stunt S9 foiling catamaran

Forward WIP ambassadors Haineville brothers sailing their Flying Phantom


2015 World O'Pen Bic Cup


Flying Phantom Series Geneva

Marseille Pre Event Highlights

Take off and fly high [catsailing, windfoil, kitefoil]

Forward Wip - GC32 regatta

MR CNF 15 06 2012 trailer

Dart Sailing / FWD sails

Moth European Part 1 2016

Moth European Part 2 2016

European Foiling Moth Regatta - Final Movie

first sailing test with 4 foils


Groupama C prend son envol

Résumé vidéo du défi Terrésens Cap Horn 2012

Teaser de la préparation du Défi Cap Horn à Ushuaïa

Film Atlantis Défi SMA premiere sortie en mer sept 2013

Traversée de la Manche en catamaran F18 Yvan Bourgnon/Karine Baillet.

TERRESSENS - Défi Terresens

défi linxea yvan bourgnon thibaut vauchel.

[FYT] Forward Sailing - Partenaire Technique 2013

Flying Phantom par le bureau d'études de Groupama Sailing Team

Raid des corsaires 2009 - catamaran

Raid 500 Miles X-Trem 2005


Free Sailing La Torche 2005

eurocat 2013

Record Tour de la Corse à la voile Yvan Bourgnon/Joris Cocaud avril 2013