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Nacra 6

Nacra 6

Mythical boat of the Nacra lineage. The Nacra 6.0 is very powerful, steep and fast. Because of its power, this boat is intended for an informed public.

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  • Mainsail Nacra 6.0

    Price €1,145.83

    Nacra 6.0 mainsail - Square Top Mainsail - New generation

    Sail made on demand: delay 50 days

    Please contact us to order:

    - MNX6 laminated sail cloth
    - Cross Cut finish with triradial reinforcement
    - Batten, tensioners and bag included
    - clew point finish : eyelets plat to adjust it / or 8mm diameter Rope to use your original rail system

    (notice that rail system is not included, you will have to use your old one) In this case, please confirm me the diameter and the lenght of your currently rail